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Will everyone be able to enjoy StirringWaters? Yes! Our goal is to provide an awesome waterpark experience for everyone -- disabled and able bodied alike. Where everyone can enjoy the lazy river, the splash landing and eventually the Includer!, a special slide engineered so anyone who wants to go down the slide can.

Are there any other special accommodations? Working with our Family Focus Groups, we learned there were extra needs that a typical ADA compliant standard didn’t address. You will find:

  • Controlled waterpark access, enhancing your experience
  • Planned space for wheelchair charging
  • Accommodations for special food and refrigeration needs
  • Family bathrooms allowing for adult changing stations and “wet” rooms
  • Equipment, throughout the waterpark, specifically for supporting people with disabilities
  • Quiet Zones to help when a guest is over stimulated
  • Therapy, adventure therapy, is built into the entire experience
  • Extra amounts of shade and rest places
  • Some temperature controlled water features

What will the hours of operation be? StirringWaters will be open 7 days a week, accommodating families and guests by appointment. This allows our staff to ensure everyone has an amazing time while visiting. There will be special events and concerts throughout the year as well, so stay tuned to our Calendar and Events section.

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