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"Remember when you leave this Earth you can take with you nothing that you have received, only what you have given." 

Some make a donation because they are moved to do so, others make a donation because they want to help bring about change.

StirringWaters fits both.  Some are moved to help break ground because there are families living with disabilities who are stuck on the deck rather than in the fun.  Others understand the impact StirringWaters will have on not only our local community and State, but the larger population, and they want to be part of helping to create the change.

Both groups see families with disabilities being left behind, out of the fun and sadly on the sidelines.  All we have to do is think differently, engineer things differently, create things differently, see things differently, that's all.

Help us be the difference.  Help us break ground on this one of a kind, $12,000,000, waterpark specifically engineered so all people, regardless of ability, can get off the deck and into the fun!


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