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Each link is an organization with whom StirringWaters or Removing the Barriers Initiative has an active or past relationship.  We may have helped them raise money, operate a program, supported a program using their facilities, or provided a service.


Organizations with multiple programs or services

·      Florida Disabled Outdoors Association                       

·      Nathaniel’s Hope                                                         

·      Power Ministries                                                          

·      Lift Disability Network                                                  

·      Special Touch Ministry                                                 


Organizations with expo type outdoor events for families living with disabilities

·      Access Life                                                                   

·      SportsAbility                                                                 

·      Make ‘em Smile                                                            


Organizations offering camps for children or adults with disabilities

·      Lake Aurora Christian Camp (Camp Friendship)         

·      Camp Joy                                                                     

·      Power Ministries                                                           

·      Special Touch Ministry                                                  

·      Florida Camp Rotary                                                     

·      Camp Twin Lakes (GA)                                                 


Camp properties that serve people with disabilities

·      Lake Aurora Christian Camp (FL)                                   

·      Florida Camp Rotary (FL)                                               

·      Bonclarken Conference Center (NC)                              


Other Organizations

·      Family Café                                                                      

      (A 3 day conference for families living with disabilities in Orlando, FL)

·      Parenting Special Needs Children                                

      (A free e-magazine for families living with disabilities)

·      Grace Landing Fostercare                                               

      (Works to provide Christian based homes for children in Fostercare)



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